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BT Reminder Buddy 2.1

Quick to setup tool for reminding all type of day to day events (See all)
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Sometimes human being find themselves to be in the midst of big problems by forgetting some important events of their life. Users would be glad if they are provided with some software that allows them to remember unavoidable matters in their life. BT Reminder Buddy is the software tool that users have been searching for. BT Reminder Buddy is a very elegant reminder software tool that lets users to remind their important commitments. BT Reminder Buddy ensures that no important event of users’ life is ever missed out by constantly keeping the user reminded about his important events. The reminder can be set in a periodic basis, i.e., it could be set in intervals of hours, weeks, months, weeks, etc. One of the coolest features of BT Reminder Buddy is that, along with displaying their important events, users can also set some audible file, so that even if the eyes neglects it, ears don’t forget to get notified. The colors of BT Reminder Buddy can also be customized making it an attractive tool to work with. Higher versions are provided with a revamped design, making it more convenient to use. Interestingly, BT Reminder Buddy is absolutely free to download and install.

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  • Reminds of important commitments
  • Allows customizing reminder colors
  • Sets reminders in a periodic basis
  • Very simple and attractive interface


  • Might face some problems in Windows Vista
  • Leaves registry with data during uninstall
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